Social injustice and the fight for equality

The deep racial divisions we see reflected in recent protests following the death of George Floyd are not unique to the US and do not exist in isolation. These divisions call not for platitudes, but for unvarnished reflection, acknowledgement of struggles, and commitment to lead by example. At the Adecco Group Foundation, we build our programmes and our team to reflect the constituents we serve. In our commitment to social impact, we stand in solidarity with those who commit to actively create lasting, systemic change for an equal and equitable society for all.

Driving Social Impact

We are not a grant-giving foundation, but rather a social innovation lab, incubating and accelerating new solutions in the world of work.

Unlocking hidden potential

Everyone has value and a contribution to make. We help underserved populations to build their skills and employers to recognize hidden potential.

Driving workforce vitality

A vital workforce must be physically and mentally healthy, resilient and fit for purpose. Employers play a key enabling role.


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