Despite massive investment in employee wellbeing, why are most programmes and initiatives not having the desired impact?

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As the world of work changes, there is growing recognition and understanding of the physical and mental effects on groups and individuals. Organisations are responding in many ways, but despite massive investment, most of these programmes and initiatives are not having the desired impact. This is one of the main findings in a new report commissioned by the Adecco Group Foundation, and produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The report examines 'wellbeing' practices, how important companies consider them to be and how effective they really are. It reveals that companies struggle to identify which interventions actually work and participation is often underwhelming. While 62% of employers offer health and wellbeing programmes, the study found, only 28% of employees actually use them.

So how can your business avoid making the same mistakes? Complete the wellbeing self-diagnostic tool to find out. You can read the full report here.

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